Sunday, March 22, 2009

Heart Walk 2009

It’s that time again!! Time for the 2009 American Heart Association’s Midlands Heart Walk. This year’s walk will be held on March 28th. Katie has walked in the Heart Walk for the last 8 out of 9 years. S he loves to collect the pins each year and put them on her red "survivors" hat. In 2008, “Team Katie” had 25 walkers, this year we would love to add more to that number. Last year she raised over $800 and had 25 friends and family walking with her. This year her goal is $1000 and even more friends and family. This is a big soccer season, wo we have a lot of friends who will be on the soccer field instead, but I know they are still with us in prayer.

As most of you know, Katie was diagnosed with a heart condition shortly after birth. She is followed by her cardiologist in Columbia regularly to monitor her heart health. Last July Katie had a heart cath at the Children’s Heart Center at MUSC where a balloon was inserted in her aortic valve to open it up a little. The results from this procedure have been good and hopefully she can avoid any more procedures for a few more years! However, there will eventually come a day when she will need to have major surgery to have her valve repaired or replaced. The American Heart Association uses the Heart Walk to raise funds for research and to educate people on heart health. This research has specifically benefited our family as we have researched possible surgical techniques that were not available a few short years ago.

If you can join us Saturday morning, we would love to see you. We will all be in the red Team Katie shirts.