Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Remember this guy....

Picture of Chris Sligh courtesy of Fox

Chris Sligh from American Idol season 6. He's from Greenville, SC. I remember watching it when he was a contestant and I thought her had a really good voice. I have been hearing his new song "Empty Me" on the radio for awhile and I love it. It's my favorite song right now. The words are so powerful and self reflective. Here is a video from YouTube:
Don't forget to turn off my Favorite Tunes music.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My New Blog Layout

Look what I just found.... I new website that has FREE Blog Layouts. I just changed mine today and I think it looks very cute. Go to and search the 100's and I mean 100's of free blog layouts. There is something for everyone there. She is also having a sale for $5 off a custom header , here is the code for that, FAB5. Enter that coupon code during checkout to get $5 off. On her blog, , she is having a contest ~ she's giving away a custom header to 10 lucky winners, just make a comment and you will be entered, hurry though, the contest ends on Feb. 1st.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Valentine's Day Mini Chocolate Bar Wrappers

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY - Chocolate makes a special treat for those you care about most. This is a fun way to show your classmates, coworkers or friends that they are extraordinary!

These Valentine's Day miniature wrappers fit over the Hershey's Miniatures

Just click on the image & right click to save. Pull into any graphics/word program to print!

These cute wrappers and made by Sharlee at Sweet Memories & More. You can visit her website at:

She has some of the most adorable custom candy wrappers , unique party favors and chocolate birthday favors.
~The Sweetest Things in Life start here~

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's Snowing!!!

We woke up to the beautiful sight of snow this morning. Last night the School District called off school for today because of the weather. I was really hoping it would snow. Here in Columbia, we rarely get any snow, so to get this much really shuts down the city. We just don't have the equipment that is necessary to keep the roads safe, so we stay home. It was fine with me today, but after 4 days of being out of school, I was a little worried that they would drive me crazy. We went outside and I snapped a few pictures of them having fun in the white stuff. Allie even made a snowman. We put him in the freezer to show daddy when he gets home tonight.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to all of my friends and family, We have had a great year filled with exciting and scary times. I don't make resolutions anymore, so here are a few of my goals for this year:
* Be a better wife
* Be nicer to my kids
* Teach Katie more things instead of expecting her to just pick up on them
* Take a trip with just my mom and my girls
* Have each girl spend the night with a set of grandparents at least once a month
* Sub at school at least 5 times a month
* Get more excercise to make my heart healthier

I'm sure I will think of more and as I do, I will add them to the list.
Have a great new year!