Friday, April 10, 2009

Our Spring Break Trip to Washington DC

Spring Break 2009 was spent in Washington DC. We left early Saturday morning and came back on Thursday. We had a great trip and met up with the Harrell family a few times. Sunday was the most beautiful day, it was sunny and about 67 degrees. We did the monuments and The Mall on that day. Monday was a very cold and rainy. It rained just about all day and the high was about 47 degrees. We went to the museums that day, along with everyone else in DC. They were very crowded. Tuesday was a little warmer, but still chilly and we had our US Capitol Tour, that was very cool and we really enjoyed seeing Union Station and the rest of Capitol Hill. On Wednesday we sailed down the River on a boat and took a trip to Mt. Vernon. We had a fun time there as well. The girls loved the baby lambs, they were just too cute. We met up with the Harrell's for dinner at Hard Rock and Allie got a special treat, she had the whole restaurant wish her Happy Birthday. The girls also loved riding on the subway. I have to tell you that the Metro in Washington is a little confusing at first, but by Wednesday, we had it all figured out. The Metro in Paris is easier to figure out than that one. We had a great time in DC!

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Stephanie said...

I'm so glad we got to see you while we were all in DC. We had a great time! Even though it was so, so cold.