Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sparkleberry Fair

Well, I have fully recovered from Sparkleberry Country Fair!!! I sold a lot of bottle cap necklaces and a few sets of croc bows. Billie Jean and I started our day by arriving at Clemson Extention at 7 am, by 9 am it was really starting to get hot. By 1pm it was HOT!!!! We were miserable, we were both sick and not geeling very good and then you add that heat and it was a hard day. It was so nice to get home and take a shower, not even a hot shower, but just to get clean. You would not believe how dirty and dusty that place is, all of our stuff had a coat of dirt on it. We had to try and clean everything off while we were packing up and then got the blow dryer our to blow the dust off when we got home.
I did see some friends out there and got to chat a little. I met a new friend named Christy, she sells really cute handmade clothes, here's her link I am ordering a few outfits for the girls from her, I will post a picture when I get them.
Billie Jean and I will be at Blythefest in May, I'll post some details later. Hopefully that won't be as miserable, at least we will be inside for that one.
Have a great week!!

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